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How to Make 1 Month Of Foodstamps/EBT last 2 Months

Rain Dove

New to foodstamps/ebt? On a budget? Out on your own for the first time? Regardless of the reason, sometimes shopping for food can be overwhelming and exhausting. Emotionally and financially. The following is a BASICS video to shopping for affordable food options. We will take the $133 that the average US citizen gets for foodstamps/ebt per month and show you how to make it last TWO months.

More videos will be out soon with recipes on how to cook these ingredients, maximize your time, and lifehacks for transient living. Shelter, loitering, table surfing, job hunting and more.

(This was originally a response to the government shutdown potentially ending foodstamps. It resulted in everyone getting their full month's share for February all at once. With a second shutdown potentially ahead I decided to still post this despite getting through the first one. )

posted by jasonsteven889a