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How to Give a Cat a Bath??? | Warning: It's Not Easy

Doctor Lindsay Butzer DVM

Hey guys! This is the first video I made without my wig. I recently went through chemotherapy for the diagnosis of Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I am 1 year in complete remission and have gone back to work! It has been one crazy year. I am so THANKFUL for the support of Zymox products sticking by my side through the entire year of 2020 while I was sick. Zymox is not only an amazing product, but it is a family owned business with the right mind set to help animals.

I am going to give Stanley, my male ragdoll cat, a bath in this video. Just a prewarning cats do not like baths. If you have a cat that does please DM me on my instagram (LindsaybutzerDVM) some cute pictures! Since most Cats do not like baths be ready to do this fast. You may need to recruit a friend to help you! Be prepared with towels to dry your cat off right after the bath. Be ready to scruff your cat to make sure he/she is restrained safely incase he/she tries to jump out of the tub. This is a simple cat bath video. Basically I just put Stanley in a bathtub, soak him down and lather him with the zymox shampoo, rinse him off and towel him dry. I then do use a blow dryer to help dry him faster. He was also left in the grooming room for 1 hour after with a blow dryer on him.

If you cannot give your cat a bath yourself, you can bring the Zymox Shampoo and cream rinse with you to give to your groomer to use to give your cat a nice bath that has the LP3 enzyme which kills bacteria and yeast on your pets skin.

Thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on my instagram.

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