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How to fix those cracked RV graphics/ RV graphics restore. Simple DIY Project (RV Living)

Chasing the Joneses - Christian RV Life

Welcome to Chasing the Joneses!
In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, we left behind the traditional sticks and bricks to spend our days fulltime on the road. We bought a 2000 Damon Challenger 35ft motorhome and did our best to sell it all off before hitting the road. We hope that you will join us on our journey as we share our RV life, travels, upgrades, renovations, tips, and tricks with you.

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In this episode, we show you how to update old RV graphics while saving you money.
I recently went to get new RV graphics and I was told that I needed to remove the old ones first then they would charge me for making new ones plus the labor to install them. I was given an estimate of just under one thousand dollars.
For less than $200.00 we painted new RV graphics on our 2000 Damon Motor Home.
The cost per item will vary from city to city which is why I am giving an approximate cost per item. The paint we used has great reviews for multiple projects. We sealed them with clear gloss. We put four coats of paint with 3 coats of gloss.

Supply list.
1. Soft Scrub. Approx cost $3.00.
2. 3M green scrub pads. Approx cost 4 pack $12.00.
3. 120 grit sand block. Approx cost $7.00.
4. Pack of multi grit sandpaper. Approx Cost $10.00.
4. Bucket
5. Towels or rags
6. 2 Masking paper roll of 140 ft (Home Depot). Approx $11.00 each.
7. Blue painters tape 2 inches (Home Depot) Approx $6.00, 4 Rolls.
8. Spray Paint (WallMart) RustOleum American Accents 2X ultra cover paint and primer, satin. Approx cost per can $4.00. We had four colors and needed 14 cans.
9. Clear Gloss (WallMart) RustOleum painters touch 2X Ultra Cover. Approx cost per can $4.00. We needed 5 cans.

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