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How To Choose The Perfect Dog Breed | In Depth Conversation u0026 Comparison

Stonnie Dennis

Join Uncle Stonnie as he discusses how to choose the perfect dog breed for your lifestyle. In this video Stonnie has an in depth conversation about the specific factors one should consider when choosing a dog breed and he demonstrates each of his talking points by comparing and contrasting multiple breeds in our training and adventuring program.

00:00 Introduction with Labrador Retriever and Catahoula Leopard Dog
01:30 Demonstration with Husky
13:33 Demonstration with Malinois
26:00 Demonstration with German Shorthaired Pointer
47:11 Demonstration with Yellow Labrador Retriever
1:00:11 Demonstration Black Labrador Retriever
1:08:57 Demonstration with Labrador Retriever with leg injury
1:19:46 Retrieving Demonstration with Black Labrador Retriever
1:23:30 Getting Ready for Off Leash Farm Adventure
1:24:00 Group Hike Around the Lake
1:38:27 Group Acclimation to Side by Side
1:45:00 Paddle Board Acclimation with Malinois & Catahoula Leopard Dog
1:55:08 Final Thoughts & Paddle Board Acclimation with Labrador Retriever, JRT, & Labradoodle

We hope you guys enjoy!

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