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How To Become a Voice Actor (Without any experience!)

Nastasia Marquez

In this video I give 4 easy steps to getting started in the world of voice over.

I'm a completely selfmade voice actor, and I started from literal ground zero. I didn't know how to hookup a mic, what software I could use to record on, or where to find work.

These steps are the exact formula that I ended up creating as I went along and it'll save you a lot of exhausting brainpower and days of feeling lost!

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Instagram: @nastasiavoice

Resources and references

Suggested Mic: AudioTechnica 2020 $79

Suggested interface: Alpha Lexicon $59

Suggested Soundproof Mobile Booth:

^^Yes, a little pricey, you can also start with DIY setups like closet clothes, blankets, and foam bedding^^

Suggested software: Audacity

Websites to start finding work:

Where to learn more from:
BillDewees: Check him out on youtube!
VObuzszweekly: Here on youtube!
Voice Over Website: Check out this site!

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