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How to BATHE a BUB


Between all the food she gets all over her face, neck and chest, and the fact that she often stumbles into her own turds, it is crucial that you bathe your BUB at least once a month, or else she starts to get really ripe. And by ripe I mean SUPER STINKY.

So this is a video showing you how I bathe BUB. No, she doesn't love it (they don't have water on her planet). But I think deep inside she appreciates it.


Music in this video created, performed, and provided by an official Bubbysitter: the one and only Matthew Tobey Pop Chart -

Video footage shot by Lil NUB's dad, William Winchester Claytor, at 19th State Productions -

There is only ONE BUB.

For those of you that don't know, BUB is one of a kind cat, rescued as the runt of an otherwise feral litter. She encourages everyone to ADOPT, SPAY AND NEUTER.
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