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How much is a Ragamuffin cat? Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?

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How much is a Ragamuffin cat? Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?
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0:00 Intro
0:03 How much is a ragamuffin cat?
0:20 Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?
0:40 How long do ragamuffin cats live?
0:50 How do I know if my cat is a ragamuffin?
1:11 Can ragamuffin cats be left alone?
1:29 Are ragamuffin cats lap cats?
1:48 Are RagaMuffin cats hypoallergenic?
2:04 Are ragamuffins vocal?
2:17 Are ragamuffin cats rare?
2:36 What is the difference between a ragdoll cat and a ragamuffin cat?
2:55 Where do ragamuffin cats come from?
3:00How big does a ragamuffin cat get?
3:23 What is a ragamuffin cat mixed with?
3:37 How much should my ragamuffin cat weight?
3:52 How long do ragamuffins stay kittens?

Do ragamuffin cats shed a lot?
The RagaMuffin has a medium to mediumlong coat with a soft, silky texture. It typically does not mat or tangle readily and is easy to groom. RagaMuffins with Persians in their pedigree may mat more easily than others, though. ... Like all cats, the RagaMuffin's coat sheds, but not excessively.

How long do ragamuffin cats live?
Ragamuffins can live to the ripe old age of 18. It can take four years for these fullsized felines to reach complete physical maturity.

How do I know if my cat is a ragamuffin?
The chin should be well developed and the oval eyes should be blue. The Ragamuffin comes in various colors and patterns.
Some of these color patterns are the same as those of the ragdoll. The Ragamuffin with a color point pattern has a light body color with contrasting, darker, color on the extremities, mask and ears.

Can ragamuffin cats be left alone?
Ragamuffin Cats are over friendly cats, but it still poses a challenge to train them. Ragamuffin cats adore and love his pack and do not like being left alone. They only communicate with strangers whom they consider trustworthy and if not trained properly this might lead to socialization issues.

Are ragamuffin cats lap cats?
Ragamuffin. Don't confuse the longhaired Ragamuffin with his cousin the Ragdoll. The two are separate breeds, although they are similar in temperament and appearance. Large and affectionate, this is a classic lap cat who loves being cuddled.

How much is a ragamuffin cat?
It costs around $75$150 to adopt a Ragamuffin. Conversely, it can be prohibitively expensive to buy a Ragamuffin from a breeder, somewhere in the $800$1,300 range.

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