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How I Rescued a Baby Kingfisher and Released it Back in the Wild 🐦🪶😊

Robert E Fuller

I've studied kingfishers at lakes local to me for years and even filmed inside their nest: So when I heard that one of these kingfishers was injured, I set out to rescue it.

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This kingfisher was only a month old and had just fledged. It isn't possible at this age to tell whether it was male or female. It had flown into a window and had a head injury. It was also suffering from shock. So I took it home and placed it on a heat mat where it could be left in quiet warm and safe until morning.

By morning the kingfisher looked much better, but it was hungry. Kingfishers naturally catch their prey by diving into water and I wasn't able to replicate that so I had to force feed it. I fed it sticklebacks, caught especially for it. A kingfisher can eat up to 10 of these fish a day.

The kingfisher recovered quickly, but before I let it go, I invited registered British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) bird ringer Jean Thorpe to come in and attach an ID ring onto its leg. This ring has a unique number engraved onto it which will ensure that this bird can be identified for the rest of its life.

The kingfisher was ready for release after a couple of days so I took it back to the lakes. When I got there I could hear the other kingfisher fledglings and the parent birds calling in the branches, so hopefully it will be able to return to its family where its parents will care for it.

Kingfishers only feed their young for a few days after fledging, so just in case this young fledging's doesn't get fed by its parents, I make sure it gets a good feed to see it through its first day and night. After that it will need to fish for itself.

Watch it take a moment to survey its surroundings and then lift off! This is the best part about rehabilitating wildlife. Watch more of my wildlife rehabilitation work here'>

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