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How I got away with IGNORING debt collectors (2021 UK)


❗ ❗ Ignoring debt collectors ❗ ❗

Magic words:

Debt collectors Myth busting:
How do debt collectors find you?
✅ Stepbystep guide to debt:

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How and when can you ignore debt collectors? Honestly, I know how it feels to be harassed by debt collectors… But there ARE things you can do to avoid them. Phone calls from debt collectors are so stressful find out in this video how to make them stop calling. Letters from debt collectors are really important though do NOT ignore these!

Debt Collectors:

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Time Stamps
00:00 Start
00:30 Phone Calls
01:44 FCA guidelines
02:44 Letters from collectors
04:21 Taking action
07:21 Scripts

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