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How Deep Can You Possibly Dig?


Do you remember that absolutely divine feeling you had as a child when you were digging in wet sand at the beach? Deeper and deeper... Have you ever wondered where you would have ended up if you’d kept digging without stopping? Great news! Even if you never managed to find out how far down your little tunnel could go, this video will tell you!

What you'll find at a depth of 2.3 ft 0:58
At what depth we come across the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun 1:54
How long are roots of tropical forest plants 2:22
What did the Mole Man do 2:32
Beijing's Underground City 3:01
The Paris Catacombs 3:18
The deepest swimming pool in the world 3:41
The deepest metro station in the world 4:22
The deepest hotel room 4:50
The deepest road tunnel on Earth 5:22
The deepest natural shaft in the world 6:04
The deepest laboratory in the world 8:07
At what depth the deepest known multicellular organism dwells 8:42
The deepest point of the ocean 9:18
The deepest artificial hole on Earth 10:17

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At a depth of 2.3 ft, you'll find numerous mole tunnels and rabbit warrens. By the way, a mole can dig a tunnel longer than 65 ft in just one day!
Deepburrowing species of earthworms can be spotted at a depth of 10 ft. One of them, Drawida grandis, can grow up to 3.5 ft long.
You can still find the roots of tropical forest plants if you dig 23 ft down. Tropical trees need such long roots to store water during dry periods.
When we arrive at a depth of 60 ft, we can see Beijing's Underground City. That's a subterranean bomb shelter consisting of a vast network of tunnels and underground rooms. It’s situated under the capital of China.
In Cappadocia, Turkey, there's an underground complex that probably dates back to the 7th century. Its name is Derinkuyu Underground City, and it's situated almost 280 ft below Earth’s surface.
The Channel Tunnel, connecting the UK with France, is situated at a depth of 377 ft.
The deepest railway tunnel is located at a depth of 787 ft. That's the maximum depth of the Seikan Tunnel in Japan that opened in 1988.
Even if we could get down to 1,001 ft, we’d still be in the danger zone for a B82 Earthpenetrating nuclear warhead. That's its maximum destructive depth.
At a depth of 3,800 ft, there's the deepest bat colony in the world. About 1,000 brown bats spend every winter in a zinc mine in New York.
About 5,920 ft down and we arrive at the deepest part of the 227milelong Grand Canyon. Its average depth is 5,282 ft.
The average depth of the oceanic crust is almost 20,000 ft. This is also the depth of the deepest known microbes. They were found in rocks below China's Songliao Basin.
The winner in the category of the deepest artificial hole on Earth is Z44Chayvo Oil and Gas Well. This shaft is drilled down to a whopping 40,604 ft! That's 15 Burj Khalifas put on top of each other. The shaft is located in the Russian Far East.

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