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How a Tiny Dog Saved a National Geographic Expedition | Expedition Raw

National Geographic

When Scuba spotted something in the water, he helped retrieve research footage that had been lost for three years.
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Surprises, challenges, and amazing behind-the-scenes moments captured by National Geographic explorers in the field.

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In April 2013 a team of National Geographic engineers packed up their cameras and headed to Miami. They were on an expedition to investigate deep-ocean creatures that exist hundreds of meters below the surface alongside plankton. Unfortunately, a harsh storm hit on the evening of May 2, several miles off the coast, and the engineers lost their Driftcams out to sea. Three years later, the engineering team was contacted by a Frenchman sailing across the Atlantic. Each year, Eric Visage travels from the Caribbean to his home in France accompanied by his little dog, Scuba. “My dog began to bark, and we saw this ball.” Visage had recovered one of the Driftcams—thousands of miles from where it had originally been deployed.

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Series Producer: Chris Mattle
Footage: Alan Turchik, Christina Shepard, Dave McAloney, Eric Berkenpas, Pristine Seas
Associate Producer: Elaina Kimes
Video Producer/Editor: Monica Pinzon

How a Tiny Dog Saved a National Geographic Expedition | Expedition Raw

National Geographic

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