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Homeless Kitten With Infected Eye And Herpes Gets A New Chance At Life

The Pet Collective

Olivia is so sweet and unaffected by her troubles!

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Olivia was healthy when surrendered by her previous owner.
The Herpes Virus is very common in cats but may not show symptoms until the cat is under stress. (It is very contagious among cats but cannot be spread to us or other species). She had been placed in a city shelter for a while before her owner could bring her to Santé D'Or, which was stressful and compromised her immune system.
Herpes virus flair ups are like Olivia's often come in the form of eye infections.
Santé D'Or was committed to helping Olivia fully recover. (She was already surrendered to us)
Olivia had lost sight in both of her eyes because the infection was so severe. (Ulcers had developed on both of her corneas)
With Antibiotics and antiviral medication, surgery and a lot of love, Olivia stood a chance.

Special Thanks to Sante D'or Rescue http://www.santedor.org/

Brittni Brown, Gabe Evans

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