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HINDI - 9 Best FREE Elementor Addons For Elementor Beginners [2021 Elementor Tutorial]

Muhammad Talha

Hi friends, this is our Lesson No 4 "9 Best Free Elementor Addons To Enhance Your Designing Ability".
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➤ HINDI WordPress #elementortutorial For Beginners In 2021

➤ 2021 Complete WordPress Website Tutorial For WordPress Beginners

➤ How To Create Custom Footer In WordPress Using Elementor FREE

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➤ 2021 Elementor Web Design Mastery Course For Beginners:

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These 9 Free Elementor Addons are amazing for (Elementor Beginners) those, who are just starting out their career in Web Design.

Time Stamps:
00:00 INTRO
00:59 What Is Elementor Addons
02:36 ElementsKit.
06:21 Essentials #addonsforelementor.
08:38 Premium Addons For Elementor.
11:26 Happy Addons For Elementor.
14:26 Elementor Header, Footer & Blocks Template.
16:00 WunderWp.
18:14 Prime Slider Addons For Elementor.
21:12 Envato Elements Photos & Elementor Templates
26:07 Astra Starter Templates Elementor Templates.

NOTE: There are some very common Elements in all of these Elementor Addons. So, install only those Addons you need (Not All of Them). Otherwise it will increase the load time of your Website.

Here Is The List Of 9 Free #elementoraddons With It's Key Elements:
I divided all Addons in two Categories.
1. Provide Elements For Elementor + Basics Templates.
2. Only Provide The Professional Elementor Ready Made Pages, Templates & Blocks.

Category No 1:

1. ElementsKit:
Key Elements:
1. Image Accordion.
2. Blog Posts (Grid).
3. Image Comparison.
4. Lottie Animation.
5. Progress Bar.
6. Pie Chart.
7. Mailchimp Sign Up Form.
8. Contact Form 7 Form.
9. Business Hours.
10. Header & Footer Elements.

+ Ready Made Templates, Blocks & Few Pages.

2. Essentials Addons For Elementor:
Key Elements:
1. Advanced Accordion.
2. Flip Box
3. Login | Register Form
4. Facebook & Twitter Feed.
5. Fancy Text.
6. Filterable Gallery.
7. Sticky Video.
8. Woo Checkout.
And More.

NO Ready Made Templates, Blocks & Few Pages.

3. Premium Addons For Elementor:
Key Elements:
1. Premium Banner.
2. Premium Countdown.
3. Premium Lottie Animation.
4. Premium Vertical Scroll.
5. Premium Image Scroll
And More.

+ Ready Made Templates & Blocks.

4. Happy Addons For Elementor:
Key Elements:
1. Info Box.
2. Card.
3. Slider.
4. Justified Grid.
5. Carousel.
6. Step Flow.
7. News Ticker.
8. Bar Chart.
9. Data Table.
And More.

+ Ready Made Templates & Blocks.

5. Elementor Header, Footer & Blocks Template:
Key Elements:
1. Navigation Menu.
2. Site Logo.
3. Search Bar.
4. Retina Logo.
And More.

This Addon Is Use To Create Transparent & Colorful Header.

6. WunderWp:
Key Feature:
You'll Get Everything Ready Made.
1. Button.
2. Heading.
3. Icon List.
4. Image.
And More.

+ Ready Made Templates & Blocks.

7. Prime Slider Addons For Elementor:
Key Sliders (Type):
1. Blog.
2. Dragon.
3. Flogia.
4. General.
5. Isolate.
6. Multiscroll.
7. Pagepiling
8. Woocommerce.

Category No 2:

8. Envato Elements:
Key Benefits:
1. Ready Made Website Templates.
2. Ready Made Blocks For Elementor.
3. Stock Photos For Your Website.

You'll get tons of Free Ready Made Pages, Templates & Blocks. And you can import them in a Single Click.

9. Astra Starter Elementor Templates:
This is not just an ordinary Elementor Addons like Envato Elements. In Envato Elements, you can only import demo pages. But in Astra Starter Template, you can create a whole Functionable WordPress Website in a Single Click.

Key Features:
1. Fully Functionable WordPress Website In Just One Click.
2. Ecommerce, Blog, Portfolio & More Business Website Templates.
3. Ready Made Blocks For Elementor.
And More.

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Best Elementor Addons For Elementor WordPress Beginners.

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