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How to Clean Your Mac 2019

Tech Talk America

Today, we're showing you how to clean your Apple Computer to make it run faster and free up disk space. If your Mac is running slow, this video is for YOU! Link to Software:​ SAVE 10% with Coupon Code TECHTALK10


Today we're going over a bunch of tricks to clean up your Mac. If you're getting that spinning rainbow pinwheel, this can be a sign that your Mac is just TOO FULL (it can also be a sign of earlystage hard drive failure).

PLEASE NOTE: If your hard drive is actively (mechanically) failing, then none of these tricks will help you in the long run. My suggestion is that if your Mac is over 5 years old, consider putting the money towards a new computer.

In addition to what was discussed in this class I would also recommend you PROTECT your Mac with Malwarebytes. Get it here:​

In the first part of this video, David will show you several places where you can go in your Mac and clear out old files as well as where to go to find out where your data "bloatage" is coming from. He'll also show you where to go to clear out old iPhone and iPad backups, old Photo Libraries, and more.

Please consider leaving a comment and let me know how much free space you got back!

The main piece of software we're recommending you check out is Clean My Mac 3.

Direct Download Link Here:​
Save 10% with Promo Code TECHTALK10

It's a great maintenance tool that not only will find junk files, but will also help your Mac run at its peak performance. The link above is a direct download link. If you decide you like it and want to keep it, you can buy the software right through the app.


While this class originally mentioned 1Password, I have updated my recommendation to LastPass. Watch my class here:​

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