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Hardman Talks | Pantheon International webinar ‘Private equity – Funding the future’

Hardman & Co

Helen Steers, Partner and Manager of PIN, joined Hardman & Co for an open forum discussion about the role of private equity (PE), and PIN, in financing entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

We discussed why PE increasingly has become the preferred financier for growth companies, and why they are choosing to stay private for longer. We explored how PEbacked companies are investing in techenabled businesses and companies benefitting from digitalisation disruption across multiple sectors, with many niche subsectors underrepresented or zerorepresented on public markets. We reviewed the valued added by the expertise PE provides and how it works in practice, its impact on society and the investment opportunities these trends are creating.

The wideranging Q&A session covered these areas and realisations, ESG in PE, PIN’s asset selection, NAV and discount philosophies and longterm outperformance.

Read more and download the presentation slides here:

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