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Grueling 8-Day Camping u0026 Fishing Trip through the Boreal Forest (Full Version)

Lost Lakes

In 2018, I found a little piece of paradise that needed to be explored further. Fast forward to spring 2019 and Erin and I were getting ready to do just that. Little did we know, the path would be even more brutal than we imagined.

This full version was edited again from scratch. Some parts have been added, some cut, plus the Q&A at the end. There's a lot of bad filming work which nothing can be done for, but at least I can redo the edit...this trip is special to us.

Grueling 8Day Camping & Fishing Trip through the Boreal Forest (Full Version)

The map is available for free here:

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Audio Credits:
Nathan Moore Checkmate
The Great North Sound Society Letter to Natalie

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