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Graham Hancock: Banned From Pyramids Joe Rogan Debate and Antarctica’s Hidden Jungle


Yerrrrr we were honored to have Graham Hancock on Flagrant this week.
He sat down and explained who might have ACTUALLY built the Pyramids, why Antarctica has been hiding in plain sight for much longer than we think; where Atlantis might have been actually ended up; his upcoming intellectual debate on Joe Rogan Experience; & how psychedelics have changed his life and how they might be the key to all of this.
Learn about all that and much much more. INDULGE

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00:00 Illegally climbing the Pyramids
05:00 Seeing his grandpa’s name inscribed on the pyramid
09:49 Pyramid was even taller
11:09 Graham is banned from Egypt
13:53 Less restrictive times + winning debates
15:49 Clarifying Graham’s view of the pyramids
22:21 Going against the mainstream + Great Sphinxes
27:10 Ancient Egyptians venerated this area
29:00 Ethnicity/genetics is irrelevant interested in the ideas
30:52 Answering racism claims
35:14 How would you preserve truths? IndusValley Civilisation
39:32 Archaeology = accidental finds + zodiac ages
44:20 Potential ancient sites that are under water
51:48 Debating archaeologist on Joe Rogan + problems with carbon dating
54:54 Truly understanding being “advanced” + Precession
01:03:54 What was the use of the Pyramids?
01:05:58 Antarctica
01:11:08 Younger Dryas comets, meltwater, megafauna
01:18:00 Atlantis is flatearth for archaeologists
01:31:03 Psychedelics + Pine cones + LSD + DMT
01:42:24 Experiences on 5MeODMT
01:50:45 LSD made Apple + DNA + Hancock wrote a novel
01:55:04 Psychedelics makes us question
01:58:35 Connection to the dead + no longer fear death
02:05:49 Religion has narrowed human experience down
02:07:22 Meeting Mother Ayahuasca + Weirdest experience
02:19:12 Younger Dryas boundary found all over the world
02:23:04 “Cosmic shooting gallery”
02:26:12 Graham loves his edibles + first experience with psychedelics
02:34:50 Burning Man Experience
02:39:23 Nursing Homes + Breath work + DMT
02:41:51 Encounters with aliens + neanderthals were high too
02:49:38 Hard to communicate these powerful experiences
02:51:07 Reincarnation is real + remembering past lives
02:53:06 Religious reaction to Graham

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