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Going through the biggest crisis of 10 years of dog groomer life l SHUANDTREE are on the way [Ep. 2]


Hello, this is SHU AND TREE.

We went over to the rescue site with Korean Animal Welfare Association
where a companion dog was left unattended
as his guardians were elderly and struck down from a brain lesion.

Being not able to move at all, all his guardian could do was barely feed him
Since the guardian grew worried that conditions might get worse
he asked the rescue team to save Bami so that he can live a better life.

It was Seryu Welfare Center that called for help
and made contact with Korean Animal Welfare Association
so that we can rescue Bami and give him a haircut.

We truly appreciate all the help that was given during this process.

*Any comments that contain the intention of hate or violence
can be erased without warning.

If you want to adopt Bami from the video, please refer to
  / kawa.on  
  / kawa.hq  

posted by zachary1134oz