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Gods'School - Hera and Zeus

GODs School : The Olympian gods

Gods school episode 8. Hera is getting ready to meet Zeus, but their romantic date turns into a clash, showing the ups and downs of their stormy love story.
#hera #zeus #animated

GodsSchool is a cartoon web series based on Greek mythology. Created and animated by Gaylord.C.Libessart. Copyright © 20142024
See more artworks of the series and my animation process on
  / godsschool  
  / godsschool  

Voice Cast:
Keenan Spencer   / thekeenanspencer  
Sean Chiplock   / vasonicmega  
Lizzie Freeman   / lizzierfreeman  
Kira Buckland   / kirabuckland  
Ivy Dupler   / ivydupler  

posted by aargaueraz