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Global National: April 21 2024 | US expected to sanction IDF unit accused of abuses in West Bank

Global News

On tonight’s top story: The U.S. is expected to impose sanctions on a unit of ultraOrthodox soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Israeli leaders have criticized the expected decision, which could come as early as Monday and would be the first time the U.S. has imposed sanctions on a unit inside the Israeli military. Crystal Goomansingh has more on the flareups in the West Bank.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has thanked American lawmakers after the U.S. passed a $95billion aid bill, which includes $61 billion in funding for his country. In an interview on U.S. television, he said the bill needs to be signed into law as soon as possible so that his troops can continue to push back against Russia’s fullscale invasion. Redmond Shannon reports.

In Toronto, there has been a verdict in a highprofile case involving the death of a police officer. Nearly three years after he was accused of intentionally killing Const. Jeffrey Northrup, a jury found Umar Zameer not guilty. Catherine McDonald reports.

Canada is taking an important step towards launching a longawaited national disability benefit. The Liberals say the program is meant to help lift Canadians living with disabilities out of poverty. But as Mike Armstrong reports, critics say the funding isn’t even close to what’s needed.

And finally, Calgary is best known for its annual Stampede and being a major energy hub. But the city’s new branding is focusing on sunny weather instead. The new slogan “Blue Sky City” came after a nearly $5million consultation process. But as Heather YourexWest explains, not everyone is sold.

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