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GIANT CAT MAZE!! Where's the exit??


The entrance is blocked. The walls are one meter high. No way to find a loophole or a trapdoor. The only one way to escape is to find the exit. Will the cat be able to manage?

Thank you for watching! Do you know what? We have never counted how long it takes us to create our videos. But now we did it just for fun. If you are interested go on reading!

We spent 32 hours to make up a 3 minute video.
In details:
2 hours creating maze route for the cat on paper
1 hour buying and delivering all the materials
12 hours (4 days, 3 hours a day) cutting and glueing the cardboard walls
1 hour building up the maze
1 hour shooting the video
1 hour dismantling the maze
12 hours (6 days, 2 hours a day) editing the video
2 hours searching for music and listening to it

We began on Wednesday and finished on Sunday of the following week 12 days altogether

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Song: Elektronomia Vitality [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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