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Georgia State Patrol Pursuit of Dodge Challenger R/T in Savannah | Wild Chase and PIT

State Boyzzz

On 6/3/2023 while operating stationary speed detection on GA204 eastbound near Veterans Parkway, I observed a gray Dodge Challenger traveling at a high rate of speed. After visually tracking the Dodge, I checked its speed on RADAR at 88 mph. I activated my emergency equipment and began to gain speed to enter the road. As I did so, the Dodge began to rapidly accelerate away, initiating a pursuit continuing eastbound on GA204. I notified Troop F Communications of the pursuit. After passing me and as the vehicle approached Rio Road, I checked the Dodge's speed at 134 mph. The Dodge began weaving through traffic recklessly, almost striking other motorists as he continued eastbound on Abercorn Street. As the Dodge continued to drive in a completely reckless manner, the Dodge turned off all of its light in another attempt to elude me. The Dodge then disregarded the red light at Mercy Boulevard and almost struck a motorist in the intersection as it was making a left turn. After almost causing a serious crash, the Dodge continued on Abercorn Street disregarding both red lights at Largo Drive and Deerfield Avenue. The Dodge entered onto Harry S. Truman Parkway north. While on Harry S. Truman Parkway, the last check I could get on the Dodge's speed was at 138 mph. The Dodge continued the entire length of Harry S. Truman north, exiting eastbound onto East Presidents Street. While continuing to flee, the Dodge disregarded two red lights, then cutting through the gore area and turning north onto East Broad Street. The Dodge disregarded the red light turning eastbound onto Bay Street traveling back towards East Presidents Street. The Dodge disregarded the red light turning eastbound onto East Presidents Street. The Dodge then made a right turn onto Pennsylvania Avenue where it disregarded two more red lights. The Dodge continued through Skidaway Road, passed motorist on the wrong side of the road in a no passing zone and disregarded the red light turning westbound onto Victory Drive. The Dodge disregarded another red light turning southbound back onto Harry S. Truman Parkway. After continuing to drive in a completely reckless and aggressive manner, throughout the pursuit, I notified Troop F Communications that I was going to utilize the PIT maneuver to terminate the pursuit the first opportunity that presented itself. As the Dodge recklessly fled southbound on Harry S. Truman Parkwway, I attempted to position my patrol vehicle to be able to execute a PIT maneuver with the Dodge. As I position my patrol vehicle, the Dodge attempted to brake check me twice. I then utilized the PIT maneuver to terminate the pursuit, successfully. The Dodge rotated counterclockwise and struck the eastbound concrete median barrier and came to a final uncontrolled rest facing northbound on the southbound side of Harry S. Truman Parkway. I exited my patrol vehicle, drew my department issued Glock 445, and began giving the driver of the Dodge loud verbal commands, The driver, identified as , was placed in custody without further incident. I placed Mr. in the back of my patrol vehicle. Mr. had the odor of marijuana coming form his persons. I advised Mr. of his Miranda Rights. Mr. agreed to speak with me. I asked Mr. for his information, as he did not possess a driver's license or ID on his person. I asked Mr. why he fled from me. Mr. stated that he recently had gotten a speeding ticket and did not want to receive another ticket. As Mr. spoke, I could smell the strong odor of marijuana coming from his breath. I then asked Mr. when the last time he had smoked marijuana. Mr. stated that he had smoked marijuana approximately one hour before my contact with him. Mr. eyes were noticeably bloodshot. I asked Mr. to display his tongue. Mr. tongue exhibited raised taste buds. Due to Mr. physical manifestations, I read him the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age 21 and Over, designating for the state blood test. Mr. refused to submit to the state blood test. A small amount of marijuana was recovered from Mr. vehicle and destroyed on scene. I transported Mr. to the hospital to be medically cleared for the jail. After I transported Mr. to the jail, he was served with his DDS 1205 Form, charged accordingly, and turned over to jail personnel for booking.

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