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FURIOUS CAT GROOMING❤️🐱needed the Cat astronaut muzzle

Tosa Bebe Pet

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There are owners who are unable to brush their cat. When Fred first came to me, it was 10 years ago. Extremely matted, he doen´t let the owner brush him, because he bite and scratch. The owner and I both know he gets too stressed to shave. But unfortunately, clipping is the best option for him. We try to do it as quickly as possible. It's 10 minutes on the body part. He still always lets me groom his face with the scissors. Fred's owner is very careful, she has two or three other cats that let her brush their fur, so that's why she never brought them to groom. She always brings only Fred, who has this different behavior. She talks and gives Fred a lot of affection and is kind to him throughout the grooming. She loves her cat very much, one of the greatest lovers between owners and cats that I know. Unfortunately Fred is not very well behaved, he doesn't let her put the muzzle on, he bites the owner. We also tried to use another muzzle, the more open one, but Fred could bite everyone and often tries to get the muzzle off with his paws and ends up hurting himself. In these cases, when the cat behaves like this, having this protection more closed helps the clipping to be safer, because neither the groomer nor the cat gets hurt and the boby clipping can be done in much less time.

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Music provided by 브금대통령
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