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FULL BUILD: Upgrading A 1974 Ford F-100 With Track Power


The Truck Tech team picks up a 1974 Ford F100 and brings it back to the shop for a quick inspection. Then it's off to the dyno for a baseline before going to the road course for a thorough shakedown run.

The guys bolt on some budget suspension upgrades that will lower it 4 inches closer to the ground, then throw on some sway bars to reduce body roll. Next, it's time to tackle a rear end upgrade before the engine goes back together as the guys hope to improve power of this weak 351 Windsor. New rubber, rims and custom exhaust will wrap up Stage 1.

The measly 146 HP at the wheels will be a distant memory when the freshenedup Ford heads back on the chassis dyno. Finally, it's onto the race track to compare the newly modified truck against its own baseline!

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posted by eliminaui