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Full Build: Junkyard Square Body Tow Truck Is Restored And Modernized


The guys find a left for dead 1977 Chevy C30 tow truck in a junkyard and bring it back to life as a working tow truck with an engine refresh, chassis repair, new suspension and a modern interior.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Junkyard Hunt For The 1977 Chevy C30
12:12 Inspection, Diagnosis, And Build Plans
13:45 Disassembly
22:01 Rearend and Suspension Rebuild
45:40 Dropping In The Chevy 350
49:00 Steering And Fuel Upgrades
55:50 Interior Restoration
1:11:01 Bed Final Touches (Winch & Bumper)
1:21:38 Towing Time

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