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Full Build: 1973 Buick Century Restomod

Gunpowder & Gasoline

With a restoration budget of $10K, MuscleCar has practical performance plans for its 1973 Buick Century, Project "Blue Collar Buick". The guys go on an enginehunt, bring back a Buick 455, and tear it down before sending it to the machine shop. Rick and Tommy show how to replace the entire roof and it loses some serious weight from the front and rear bumpers. Rick shows how to graft in different door handles and replaces the tail panel. Plus, he designs some oneoff budget tail lights using some unusual materials. Then, the '73 Buick Century turns over a new leaf with a screaming orange and sinister charcoal paint scheme. It gets a refreshed interior on a budget before hitting the road for the first time. A new cam, heads, intake and carb are just the beginning! The Buick gets a new rear end that will stand up to increased horsepower. Then Blue Collar makes a dyno run to see if the performance upgrades brought us up to our goal. Tommy installs a hood tach, then takes the Buick on a road trip to the GS Nationals and hits the drag strip.

posted by masarnpx