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FULL BUILD: 1966 Ford Bronco Crazy Horse


This build packs something for everybody! Stacey David strips down and rebuilds a '66 Ford Bronco. He starts by taking off the old and bolting on the new. The goal with this build is to pay tribute to the legendary Baja Bronco of the '70s as well as make it a stateoftheart trail rig while being street legal.

Project Crazy Horse gets a new front axle, new springs, and shocks before adding new wheels and tires. Then, the old Straight Six gets the boot. The new powerhouse will give the truck 390 HP. Stacey walks you through the custom paint job before mounting the body back on the frame bringing this awesome rig one step closer to completion.

The Bronco gets everything from seats, to roll bar, to fender flares, a winch, bumpers, and lights. Then a few tips and techniques on how to make things fit when they don’t want to. And finally, we walk you through the proper steps on how to put a show quality finish!

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posted by eliminaui