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From BROKE To $10000 A Month (Copy These 5 Steps)

Your Driver Mike

In just over ONE year I went from broke to earning over $10,000 a month. This journey actually started years ago however, in this training find out how I did it and 5 simple steps to copy to reach your own income goals.

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Video Timecodes
0:00 Intro & Expectation Setting
2:18 Team Mission Statement
4:11 The Building Blocks Journey
5:55 First Summer Job Turned Into A Full Time Job
9:09 Taking 100+ Calls A Day (And Wanting More)
11:30 Packing Up & Taking A Risk
15:29 Tip #1: Research & Roadmap
18:16 Why I Hate Selling, But Love Referring
20:36 How Much Time Can You Commit?
25:32 Tip #2: Smart Experimentation
26:42 Most Startups Fail And That Doesn't Matter
30:43 Offering A Course Is A Great Place To Start (Here's Why)
31:48 Tip #3: Power Thru Season
33:57 Live Streaming To 0 Viewers (Why It's A Good Thing)
36:35 How Will You Combat Low Revenue (Example)
40:23 The Biggest Opportunity Might Be Digital (Example)
43:23 Tip #4: Growth Season
49:03 Tip #5: Optimization Season

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Instagram | Twitter: @YourDriverMike

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