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🍝 Freshly Review u0026 Taste Test: Is the Steak Any Good? Let's Find Out!


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Take a look at our Freshly review for a look at how simple it can be to have an absolutely delicious meal ready to eat within just a few minutes. Better yet, your body will feel good after these meals, and you're not breaking the bank in the process. There's a reason that Freshly is one of the most popular premade meal delivery services out there, and it's because they're so wellrounded and ultimately delicious. We'll tell you about it, show you what's in our box, and do a taste test of course. Food delivery has just reached a new peak, and you've gotta check it out!

What's in Our Freshly Box:
Chicken Livorno
Steak Peppercorn
Chicken Tikka Masala
SavorySweet Chicken Teriyaki
Pulled Pork Al Pastor
Sierra Chicken Bowl

What We Tasted in Our Review:
Steak Peppercorn

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0:00 Intro to Review of Freshly
0:26 Freshly Unboxing Review
1:26 About Freshly & How It Works
2:07 Reheating Freshly Meals
2:39 Taste Test Freshly Meals Review
5:11 Freshly Review Conclusion


One of the features of Freshly that really stands out is the fact that 100% of their meals are glutenfree. Whether or not you need to avoid gluten, these meals are focused on providing full servings of vegetables, nourishing proteins, and overall balance. Coming from someone who is not glutenfree, these meals are spectacular. I would never miss it; they do such great work with utilizing alternatives such as cauliflowerbased pasta, rice, and vegetable ‘noodles,’ just to name a few.

Their variety is another outstanding aspect that we noticed right off the bat. They’ve got over 30 options to choose from every single week! Some of these options stick around, such as the ultrapopular steak peppercorn that we tastetested in this video, and others rotate more often so you get to see some amount of variety along with your favorites. They’re mindful as well of offering a good amount of different styles of food, so you’ll see vegetarian dishes along with a variety of proteins, a variance of different vegetables used in different ways, and great sauces to mix it up here and there. The Freshly menu is one of the best of any prepared meal delivery service out there for these reasons.

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