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Forest Rain Sounds - Relaxing Rainforest White Noise with Nature Sounds at Night for Sleeping Study

New Bliss

Immerse yourself on this soothing rain forest ambience, great for sleeping, studying or relax. Let the rain sound assist your relaxation.

... Filtered by the trees above, a few stray drops of rain make their way down as you cross the narrow wooden bridge. You pause for a moment by the glimmer of lantern light and rest on the railing. The beauty of the misty forest is reflected in an almost unearthly glow. Above the steady downpour you can just make out the sounds of nature and woodland creatures.
Your nostrils fill with the scent of damp soil. Just below you, the river swells as it makes its way gently past, dotted continuously as the rain joins it. Turning, you make your way toward the elegant treehouse nestled against a massive tree. It’s time to warm yourself in the shelter.

Hope you enjoy it!

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How this artwork was created:
This ambience was modeled and created with 3D Blender. All the scenario itself was modeled and animated from the root. It is completely original.

3D of the Sketch here:

After the 3D model this scenario was painted and animated.
Software used:
Unity 3D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
DaVinci Resolve

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After Effects, Artwork and Animations by New Bliss ©

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