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Ford Bronco Nevada (Las Vegas) Off-Roadeo What It’s Really Like u0026 FULL Experience

Auto Journey

Welcome to Bronco Off Roadeo Nevada right outside of Las Vegas, the ultimate offroad class for learning about your new Ford Bronco! In this video, we give you the full experience so you know what to expect from this incredible program, where you can learn everything you need to know about your Bronco. You’ll learn about the Bronco powertrain, its advanced technology and features, and how to handle some technical trail obstacles. But is it worth it? We’ll answer that question and more as we show you why Bronco Off Roadeo Nevada is a mustdo for any Bronco owner or Off Road enthusiast. We know the video is long, but don’t worry! We’ve timestamped all the important parts for you, so you can skip to your favorite sections. So sit back and enjoy an indepth tour of #BroncoOffRoadeo

00:00 Intro
00:42 Orientation
00:53 Merch Shop
01:47 Itinerary
04:35 Team Introductions
08:00 Bronco Wild Fund
16:35 OffRoad Angles Explained
21:25 Bronco Powertrain
30:26 Seating and Steering
36:56 Parking Procedure
42:25 Turning
48:10 Trail Turn Assist
49:57 Engine Braking
52:00 OffRoad Hand Signals
57:03 OffRoad Tire Pressure
58:59 Dealing with Ruts and Water
1:04:21 Line Selection
1:07:41 Spotting
1:09:49 Disconnecting Front Stabilizer Bar
1:14:08 Center of Gravity and Roll Over
1:16:03 Front Locker VS Rear Locker
1:20:11 Trail 1Pedal Drive
1:22:25 Trail Control
1:25:48 Switching to 4High
1:26:37 Journey Essentials
1:27:39 Steep Descents
1:29:13 Lunch (Menu)
1:25:55 Ride & Handling Trail
1:30:41 Hill Descent Control
1:35:10 Tree Stump Trail
1:37:01 Tree Stump Obstacle
1:37:52 Hill Descent Manual Bronco
1:38:43 Picking Best Line on Trail
1:40:47 Driving Down Rocks
1:47:12 Articulation Mounds
1:50:40 Recovery Discussion
1:51:15 Shovels
1:52:15 Recovery Boards
2:01:44 Tree Saver
2:05:21 Metal vs Soft Shackles
2:10:10 Recovery Straps
2:16:41 More Trail Obstacles
2:19:40 G.O.A.T Modes
2:23:31 Scenic Overlook
2:26:04 Last Trail
2:28:40 Dinner Time
2:29:00 Outro

Gear Used In This Video:
GoPro Camera Mount Holder for Ford Bronco 2/4 Door
DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo
Standard 1/4"20 Male to 1/4"20 Threaded Screw Adapter:
Fotopro Universal Phone Tripod Mount 1/4 inch Screw:

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