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Flowing Waterfalls in a Small Jar (Moss Terrarium Build)


I've put waterfalls in a terrarium a few times before. Each time the result is completely different and I can't get enough. As you know, I have a lot of fun building terrariums. So, when I can combine them with other things I do, it brings everything full circle.

With each build I learn and get closer to the perfect waterfall design. I still haven't got there, but I feel that this brought be closer. I'll continue refining the process until I've found the perfect solution. I have a lot of fun with this concept, but nothing beats a standard junglestyle terrarium. If you want to see more terrarium builds, then check out this playlist!

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 Material Overview
0:55 Modifying the Bowl
1:50 Adding Pump Components
2:22 Securing the Pieces
2:52 Water Test
3:38 Clay Background Mix
4:34 Building the Waterfall
5:49 Planting the Design
6:20 Filling the Bottom
7:07 Final Details
7:38 Completed Terrarium
7:51 The Waterfalls
8:32 Closing Thoughts

#terrarium #waterfalls #serpadesign

posted by asartevw