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Fixing All The Potential Issues With The Astro Van - Stealth Camper Astro Van (EP. 14) (1985-2005)


Hey everyone!
Today we are fixing all the potential issues I may have with my 1999 Chevy Astro Van. The issues should pertain with all other Astro van and GMC Safaris as well. Hopefully this video helped you out!!

Parts and tools I used:

Larger syringe then what I used:
Krud Kutter:
Temp Sensor near the thermostat housing:
Temp Sensor between 3rd and 5th cylinder:
RTB Gasket:
Crank Shaft Sensor:
Brake Master Cylinder:
3 containers of this DOT 3 Brake Fluid:
Fuel Pressure Gauge:
Fuel Pump I used in this video:
This is the high quality fuel pump that wont fail you:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:50 Helpful tips from Chris
1:22 Crankshaft Sensor
2:49 Starting on the Brake Master Cylinder
3:30 Draining Radiator
4:05 Flushing Radiator
6:10 Installing New Radiator
6:28 Removing Thermostat Housing
7:39 Installing Thermostat Sensor
8:50 Back to the Brake Master Cylinder
10:20 Back to the Thermostat
11:30 Bleeding the Brake Master Cylinder
12:45 Finishing up and bleeding the cooling system
13:42 Test Drive
14:45 Final Thoughts

posted by as2zfk