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First Time Driving For Lyft

Pasha Krech

Today I am going to try and make some money by joining lyft and going online for the first time. Driving for lyft is not something I usually do. How much do lyft drivers make is something I have been asking myself before I decided to just go out there and do it myself. You yourself can try it in your own market as the results may vary. It is not super hard to make money, all you need to do is just go online and obtain a vehicle (which you can rent one as well.) First time driving for lyft videos aren't as common and I hope mine shows you how much you can make and what it is like from the inside.

In this video I was trying out lyft in a different market from ym home market of Atlanta, GA and I was in Miami, FL for this video. Miami is an interesting place and it is filled with tolls as well. I would say that if you don't pay attention to those tolls, they will rack up very quickly.

While this experience does not show exactly how yours might be, mine was like this the first time around. I always give new opportunities that present themselves as not ideal a second chance and I will be doing it again soon. It is something you should look into, because it can make you a decent amount of money on the side, or even become your full time gig.

I hope this video shows you a little inside of what it is like to drive for lyft as well as the financials of driving with a platform like lyft, because there is not that much information that drivers are willing to share with others on their earnings.

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posted by Pitnemidide96