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Finding Hope in Truth - Jackie Hill Perry | THERE{4} Gathering 2022

THERE{4} Gathering

Jackie Hill Perry, though unable to attend in person, brings her inspiring message to life at THERE{4} Gathering 2022, discussing the profound impact of God's creation, the struggle with sin, and the path to redemption. From Genesis 1:1 to her personal battles, Jackie's narrative is a testament to God's unending glory and grace.

Timestamps for easy navigation:
00:1300:38 Introduction to God's Glory
00:5802:02 Understanding God as Creator: A Genesis Perspective
02:4307:27 The Reality of Sin and Personal Struggles
07:2716:08 Grace and Transformation
16:0819:31 Trusting God Beyond Limitations
20:5323:53 Discussing Body Image and Sexuality in God's Light
25:5530:11 Redefining Church Culture on Sexuality
30:1134:36 Embracing Imperfection with God's Grace

Jackie's message is a beacon of hope, emphasizing that our story should always point to God's glory. She bravely shares her experiences with samesex desires, identity confusion, and the journey towards understanding God's love and boundaries. This talk is a crucial reminder of the importance of compassion, education, and understanding God's definition of love and morality.

Whether you're struggling with your identity, facing temptations, or seeking a deeper understanding of God's love, Jackie's message offers a perspective filled with hope, truth, and empowerment.

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THERE{4} Gathering is a 2day conference specifically designed for teen girls taking place in Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission at THERE{4} is to inspire the next generation of girls to boldly live out their identity in Jesus Christ. Get ready for a weekend of incredible worship, amazing speakers and creative interactions designed just for you! More info on THERE{4} 2024 March 12:

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