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Feisty Cats vs. Dogs Compilation! Who Is Feistier?

Feisty Films

Comment down below: who is the feistiest? Sammy Suckerpunch, Princess Pottymouth, Buford Buttsniffer, Katy Cobweb and Lunatic Lexi duke it out in this epic compilation. First, the dogs tell ghost stories at a sleepover then pull a gun on their owner. Cats and dogs show how differently they see the world, two cats awaken a pug dog, Princess Pottymouth eats a butterfly, Sammy Suckerpunch likes sniffing butts, and a dog and cat face off from opposite sides of a fence. Sammy poops on the “No Dumping” sign, Lunatic Lexi kills a cat with its own curiosity, the dogs run from a vacuum cleaner, and Sammy makes a cat sneeze. Stuffed dogs show why real dogs are dumb, dogs learn math, and both Princess and Sammy go to the doctor for check-ups. Buford Buttsniffer leads an art museum tour, Sammy gets a cat in a box for his birthday, and it literally rains cats and dogs!

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