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Fascinating Facts About the Abyssinian Cat | Mittens and Max

Mittens and Max

The Abyssinian cat is an extremely popular cat in the United States. Aside from that fact, there's a lot more of fascinating things about this breed to discover!

1. The Abyssinian is the “Energizer Bunny” of felines
One thing’s for sure—the Abyssinian is not a lethargic lap cat. These highly active felines are always on the move. Their combined athleticism and curiosity result in a breed that is constantly jumping, climbing, and exploring. It’s not unusual to find an Aby observing family life from the height of a refrigerator or swatting at imaginary critters in the hallway. Abyssinians seek windowsills to birdwatch, and they love to keep you company by perching on your desk.

2. They have a “ticked coat”
The Abyssinian’s signature cougarlike appearance is thanks in part to its ticked coat. What’s a ticked coat? It’s a coat with individual strands that alternate bands of color. Each strand is lighter at the base and becomes gradually darker at the tips. This gives the Abyssinian its exotic, wildcat look.

3. The Abyssinian has a mysterious history
The Abyssinian is thought to be one of the oldest domestic cat breeds, but we can’t know for certain the time and place of their exact origins. Among the numerous romantic tales woven around this breed’s history is the belief that they originated in Ethiopia (formerly called Abyssinia). Others point to the cat’s similarities to ancient paintings and sculptures as evidence that the Aby descended from the line revered by Egyptian pharaohs.

4. They are incredibly loyal cats
Although they have an independent streak, Abys are an extroverted breed who love to interact with people. They have a doglike attachment to their owners and prefer to be an involved member of the family.

5. These cats have longevity
The Abyssinian cat can live a long time—many live up to 15 years and even older. While generally healthy, this breed is still prone to certain health problems including:
Pyruvate kinase deficiency
(which leads to anemia)
Patellar luxation
(a hereditary dislocation of the kneecaps)
Progressive retinal atrophy
(a degenerative eye disease)

6. The Abyssinian is one smart cat
This breed is highly intelligent. They can be successfully clickertrained to perform tricks, and they can even walk on a leash. Owners of Abyssinians have even been able to train them to run in agility courses.

7. They’re the “clowns of the cat kingdom”
The Abyssinian can be a major jokester, who’ll try to impress you with his acrobatic antics. They can be found perching on your shoulder, leaping to great heights, and scaling your tallest bookshelves.


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