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Faking My Death In Front of My Cat - Mean Kitty Reacts


What would my cat do if I suddenly died? To find out, I'm faking my death in front of Sparta to see how he reacts. Needless to day, his reaction was priceless! How would your pets react?


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Sparta - from viral hit "The Mean Kitty Song" which now has over 80 million views to date. He's a Bengal mix, born sometime in mid-2007; I celebrate his b-day on May 20th. He rescued me in July of 2007. Sparta love stalking, wrestling, crunchy toys, playing fetch and being held like a baby.

Loki - the long white kitty that looks like a cow but I believe he may be part monkey. Loki is about the same age as Sparta, so we celebrate their birthdays together. He found me at a rescue center in July of 2008. He loves toys, making noise, hanging upside down, poking things and more than anything, he loves the love!
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by TheMeanKitty