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Every President's Biggest Mistake

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat gives his opinion about every American President's worst mistake.

Produced by Matt Beat. All images and video by Matt Beat, used under fair use guidelines, or found in the public domain. Music by Otis McDonald, Bad Snacks, Dyalla, Corbyn Kites, and ‪@ElectricNeedleRoom‬ (Mr. Beat's band).

Here's an annotated script with footnotes:

Every President's Greatest Accomplishment:    • Every President's Biggest Accomplishment  

Nullification Crisis:
   • The Nullification Crisis Explained  

Japanese Internment:
   • Japanese American Internment Camps Ex...  

Korematsu v. United States:
   • When the Supreme Court Justified Japa...  

   • What Was Watergate?  

Iran Hostage Crisis:
   • What Was the Iran Hostage Crisis?  

IranContra Affair:
   • The Iran–Contra Affair Explained  

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The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick
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Look, all human beings make mistakes. No one is perfect. This is why everyone should be canceled.

Anyway, American Presidents are not immune to this.

This video is about the greatest mistake of every American president while they were in office. They’re worst failure, their biggest oopsie. You get it.

When I say “greatest mistake,” I mean the one thing they did that hurt the most people.
And when I say “thing they did that hurt the most people,” I say it with my historian hat on, looking at all of American history.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Washington
1:47 Adams
2:27 Jefferson
3:24 Madison
3:59 Monroe
4:53 Adams
5:20 Jackson
6:16 Van Buren
7:13 Harrison
7:25 Tyler
8:16 Polk
9:13 Taylor
10:00 Fillmore
10:35 Pierce
11:14 Buchanan
11:51 Lincoln
12:25 Johnson
13:02 Grant
13:52 Hayes
14:27 Garfield
15:08 Arthur
15:56 Cleveland
16:32 Harrison
17:11 McKinley
18:07 T. Roosevelt
19:14 Taft
19:49 Wilson
20:45 Harding
21:32 Coolidge
22:28 Hoover
23:19 FDR
23:55 Truman
25:09 Ike
26:22 JFK
27:02 LBJ
27:50 Nixon
28:58 Ford
29:54 Carter
30:23 Reagan
31:27 H Bush
31:59 Clinton
33:48 Bush
34:23 Obama
35:09 Trump
36:18 Biden
38:42 Outro

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