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Essential Gear Check List For Overlanding u0026 Car Camping. What We Pack For Two Days Or Two Weeks.

Wanderlost Overland

Our COMPLETE camping gear check list! A simple, practical approach to packing all you need for overlanding and car camping. We also explain why we chose the gear we did, and how we pack it all in our vehicle. This is a car camping essential gear packing list for beginners as well as seasoned veterans of overlanding and car camping. On it is all the camping gear essentials that we carry along, and some optional equipment.
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Gear List For Overlanding/Car Camping
cutting board 11" x 8"
collapsible sink
plastic platesGSI brand
frying pan 10"cast iron
frying pan 9"steelMSR brand
crock pot 1.5 qt RoadPro
big pot 7" MSR brand
small pot 5 1/2" MSR
scorch/diffuser plate
nesting cups GSI brand
coffee pot 9cup Coleman
pot holders
pan splatter shield
Kitchen CleanUp:
green scrubber
dish soap
dish towels quick dry
ziploc bags
garbage bags
bleach drops (optional)
hand sanitizer
Stove; 2 burner Coleman
Propane; 5# tank & extra 16oz bottle
Oven: (optional)
Pie Iron: (optional)
Toaster: (optional)
Grill: (optional)
can opener w/tiny spare
cork screw
frypan handle
big spoon
stove regulator tube
small knives
forks & spoons
hand sanitizer
olive oil
big knife
Air Mattress Pump w/batteries
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Salt & Pepper
Recovery Gear
Lantern; solar, Luci Light brand
High Lift Base & Slider Jaws
Tire Deflators
Air Nozzle
HD Stakes
Mosquito Coils w/ Burner
Trasharo Garbage Bag
kitchen garbage can
wag bags
extra toilet paper
extra hand sanitizer
bug spray & sun screen
Tent REI, Half Dome 4 Plus
Tent Poles & Stakes
Tarp Slumberjack, Roadhouse
Tarp Poles Green Elephant
Stakes & Ropes
Air Mattress full size
Sleeping Bags; NorthFace, down
Wool Blanket (optional)
Camp Chairs
Table (optional)
Rain Gear
Bug Shirts (optional)
Traction Mats
Gas Jerry Can
Water Jug
Solar Panel w/cord
FirstAid Kit
Fire Extinguishers
Extra Camera Batteries w/chargers
Air Hose
In Cab Front Seat:
Permits, Reservations, and Itinerary
Paper Maps
Tablet, Garmin, and Phone
Water Bottles
Sun Glasses

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