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3 RIDDLES on Escape Mystery (PART 1) | Can You Solve It? | Popular RIDDLES

Mystery Riddles

3 RIDDLES on Escape Mystery (PART 1) | Can You Solve It? | Popular RIDDLES

Can you solve these 3 riddles Popular in United states? In this video you can see total 3 riddles.

Are you good at escaping problematic situations ?
you can test yourself by trying these 3 fun and confusing situations.

First one is easy
Second one is medium
and third one is Hard.

Riddles are in this format:
there was a huge storm in the city and all electricity was gone. Suddenly a kidnapper kidnaps you and locks you up in a house with 3 floors. you were kept in a third floor. its was not easy to get out from there. in the room you were locked in there are 3 doors.only one door will lead you to the 2nd floor.

if you go from Door 1 , there is a arrow trap. the Arrow Trap will shoot arrows at anything that comes within that door.

if you go from Door 2 , there is a serial killer who killed 123 people in 1832. he will chop you in a pieces.

if you go from Door 3, there is fire all over, you will die burning alive.

which door will you choose to get out from that floor ?

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posted by Hiltgergevh