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EP.2 Meet the Gentle Giant: The Maine Coon Cat Ranking No. 2 cat breeds on CFA's in 2023.

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the number 2 ranking on CFA’s list known as a delicate monster, the Maine coon feline can gauge as much as 20 pounds, making them the biggest of pedigreed felines, as indicated by CFA. This breed is a local American longhaired feline and is the authority feline of Maine. They are known for being durable and tough, with a shaggy coat that keeps them warm. Maine coon felines are agreeable, extraordinary with kids and known for their inconceivable knowledge. They frequently prefer to play, particularly in the water, and their paws are welltufted to make strolling in snow a breeze. Their jackets just require infrequent prepping to keep them luxurious.
Weight/Size from 920 pounds
Height from 1016 inches
Life Expectancy from 1015 years
Coat and Color Rugged coat with three different lengths of fur and a long, fluffy tail.
Characteristics Intelligent, kind, and companionable, with about 75 different colour combinations.

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