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Educating The East End - Episode 6 (Documentary) | Our Stories

Our Stories

GCSEs are looming and the pressure is on for Year 11. But the girls in particular have other things playing on their minds: friendships, the prom, and, most prominently, boys. Subscribe to Our Stories:

Educating offers a moving, funny, and dramatic insight into modern schooling. This groundbreaking documentary series uses a fly on the wall format to show the everyday lives of the staff and pupils of secondary schools around the UK.

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Welcome to Our Stories, the new home on YouTube for inspiring human stories that give us an insight into real people and real lives. Our exciting range of flyonthewall style documentaries and special access reality programmes will give you an inside look into the everyday lives of people; exploring what life is like for those working in education, healthcare, policing and many others!

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posted by Casisamu