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Easy DIY Habitat for Huge Spider Intruder


Earlier this week, I found a Fishing Spider that snuck into my home. There's no telling how long it's been living here, but I didn't really want it free roaming... neither did my wife! She found him to begin with. I managed to capture it and decided to design a custom habitat for him since he insisted on living in my home.

EDIT: Unfortunately, I made an error in this video. What I thought was a Wolf Spider is actually a Fishing Spider, likely Dolomedes tenebrosus. I spent hours trying to get a proper ID as I scripted the video and even got other opinions. I believed it was Hogna aspersa, but I got it wrong. Thankfully, this is still an ideal habitat for this species, but I don’t like that I messed that up. Regardless, I'm still happy to have this spider around and am excited to share more in the future.

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