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🔴E. Jean Carroll PANICS About Trump’s $84 Million + Letitia James CONTROLLING Judge Merchan

Stephen Gardner

BREAKING UPDATE on prospect of jailing Trump for contempt in NY trial E Jean Carroll found with unlicensed handgun
Letitia James instructs prosecutors to harass Trump over Carroll in Hush Money case
Merrick Garland blocks House from reviewing evidence in Biden classified Documents scandal
Senate Majority Leader shuts down impeachment trial of Alejandro Mayorkas without review
Trump's hush money trial on day 2, facing challenges with jury selection
Jury pool diluted, over 60 people disqualified based on bias
Trump's frustration over inability to campaign while in court
Biden mocks Trump over finances during campaign stop
AG Garland defends Biden's mental health, fights to avoid releasing audio recordings
Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene threatens to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson if he doesn't resign
Democrats in Senate vote to save Biden's border chief from impeachment
Climate activists disrupt Mayor Eric Adams' speech in NYC
Jerome Powell warns fight with inflation far from over
Biden White House imposes new sanctions on Iran for missile & drone program
E Jean Carroll's worries about not receiving money from Trump, found with unlicensed gun
If Trump testifies, questioning about Carroll likely, potentially influenced by Letitia James
Double standard in justice system highlighted with handling of Carroll's unlicensed gun
Letitia James may face trouble in Trumprelated cases if bond insurance company shows ability to pay fine

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