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Drill Sergeant DePalo X The Kiffness - I Left My Home (Live Looping Cadence Remix)

The Kiffness

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Original video courtesy of @ds_depalo :    • Basic Training Marching Cadence: I Le...  

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Salute to all the brave men & women from around the world who have given up their comfort, happiness & lives to defend their countries & the ones they love ❤ Special thanks to Drill Sergeant DePalo & his soldiers for allowing me to collaborate with them on this poignant cadence, I hope my tribute did the song justice.

More info:

Drill Sergeant DePalo leads his soldiers to Chow Hall at Fort Jackson, singing the Cadence "I Left My Home" (Originally posted 2016, but the video has recently resurfaced & has been made popular on TikTok). In the armed services, a military cadence is a traditional callandresponse work song sung by soldiers while running or marching.

The trumpet part was inspired by "The Last Post", a song that I would perform on Remembrance Day at my Highschool, Michaelhouse. The call dates back to 17th century, and was originally used made to signal that the final sentry post had been inspected, and the camp was secure for the night. It is now also used at ceremonies, like Remembrance Day (Poppy Day), to commemorate the lives lost in war.

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Your daddy was home when you left, you're right!
Your sister was home when you left, you're right!
Your brother was home when you left, you're right!
Your dog was home when you left, you're right!
Your cat was home when you left, you're right!
The fish was home when you left, you're right!
Your mommy and daddy, your brother, your sister, the dog, the cat, the fish
was home when you left, you're right!
And that's the reason you left, you're right!

I left my home, to join the army
I left my home, to join the army
The day I left, my momma cried
She thought that I would surely die
I left my wife, crying at the door
She knew that I would die at war
I left my son playing in the yard
Seeing daddy leave made him cry so hard
Oowie oowie, oowie oowie
Oowie oowie, oowie oowie
Left, march! We join the army

"The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." G.K. Chesterton

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