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Dogs Melt Chucky in Oven: Cute Puppy Indie u0026 Funny Dogs Maymo u0026 Potpie vs Chucky Prank!


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Ever wanted to see what a melted Chucky looks like? If the answer is yes, then watch Cute Puppy Indie and Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Melt an Evil Chucky Doll in the Oven! These Cute beagle dogs are sitting on the couch when they hear the door bell, and are perplexed at what awaits them at the door a bunch of 'Good Guy' Chucky Dolls in boxes. When they bring their new surprise into the house, they realize it is all an elaborate prank when evil Chucky emerges from the middle of the group, and immediately jumps on the hapless dogs, catching them by surprise. Just when the spunky dogs think they have Chucky at their mercy, he uses a rope to climb up to the ceiling to avoid his demise, and also so he can prank the dogs from afar. Funny Dog Maymo wastes no time in getting the broom to knock Chucky through the air and straight into the oven, where cute puppy Indie shuts the door, and turns the temp WAY up! Just when the dogs start to relax, thinking they've eliminated horror doll Chucky, he comes back from the dead, melted plastic and all! Wait to see how Maymo reacts with a leaf blower! This is one Chucky Prank Video you won't want to miss!

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