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Dogs 101 - Finnish Lapphunds - Top Dog Facts About the Finnish Lapphunds

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Inhabiting the Lapland region, the Finnish Lapphund has been characterized as the breed that accompanied the Sami, or Lapp people for several thousand years. Like their masters, they went from hunting reindeer to driving them, while fulfilling their duties as hunting dogs, guardians and pets. Due to the interest in preserving the breed, the Finnish Lapphund not only changed its appearance over the years but also its name on different occasions. At first, the dogs were called Lapland Shepherd Dogs and later gave them his actual name. Nowadays, this breed not only breeds cattle, but they are also being raised for sports and family pets.

Similar in appearance to other Spitz dogs, the Finnish Lapphund is a mediumsized breed that can measure between 18 and 21 inches tall on the shoulder and weigh between 33 and 53 pounds. He has dark eyes and an expression that reflects power, malice and tenderness. His muscular and robust body is almost completely covered by a double layer coat. The inner layer is soft, very dense and abundant. The outer layer is straight, long, very hard and resistant to water. It can be found in any color or combination of colors, however, only one of them should predominate throughout the body. The most common colors are cream, sable, black, brown and tan, with or without white markings.

Grooming: Despite its long and dense coat, it doesn’t require excessive maintenance. It only needs to be brushed two or three times a week, to avoid possible entanglements and the appearance of fleas and ticks. The rest is basic care, trim the nails, check the ears and clean his teeth frequently. Check out for more on puppy and dog coat care
Temperament: Dedicated and devoted to its owners, the Finnish Lapphund not only forms equally strong bonds with all members of his family but also has an almost legendary reputation with children. It’s a breed with a kind, happy, loving, obedient and very patient personality

Training: Considered one of the easiest breeds to train, the Finnish Lapphund stands out for its intelligence, obedience and its ability to learn. There is probably nothing that the Finnish Lapland dog cannot learn.

Health: In general, the Finnish Lapland dog is considered an extremely healthy breed. However, he can suffer from common diseases of large breeds such as progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, glaucoma, hip and elbow dysplasia. Visit and find some safety and health tips for your dog.

The Finnish Lapphund has many great qualities. They’re smart and quick to learn, they’re wonderful, they are wonderful, and they’re often referred to as a clown. He’s very calm, obedient and capable breed that loves to spend time with its owners and continuously show them unconditional love.
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