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Dog vs Giant Mu0026M Candy Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo u0026 Potpie Get Giant Colorful Candy Surprise


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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie get Pranked by Giant M&M’s Chocolate Candy! These two cute beagle dogs are minding their own business when a trash bag comes flying through the window, startling the two pups, who wonder what’s in the bag. The bag seems to have a mind of its own, as it jumps around the room, and screams can be heard from inside, and each dog reacts to the prank in the cutest way by turning their heads, watching in amazement. Pretty soon the dogs get to see what comes out as GIANT M&M’s candy pops out of the bag, one by one, all the different colors jumping over the dogs’ heads, creating a literal tower of candy in the doorway. When cute dog Maymo goes to investigate, the M&M’s lose their balance, falling on Maymo’s head. The funny dog doesn’t mind, wagging his tail happily. Just when the dog thinks the colorful candy pranks are finished, the biggest M&M in the world then comes from behind Maymo, surprising the dog even more. Maymo immediately pounces on the giant candy, punching and jumping on the candy, and Potpie even joins in the fun, and the two dogs have the best time as they take down the Giant M&M.

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