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Dog vs Cat Game Preview v.1.1

Ake Apps

Version 1.1 has been released... It's FREE for iOS and Android.
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Dog vs Cat RPS Battle is an Epic Battle between a dog (you) and an angry cat.

"An addicted Rock-Paper-Scissors game combined with cute Dog and Cat Battle"

The angry cat never stops, so does you. It throws a fishbone as soon as it tells you his chosen one (rock, paper or scissors). You'll have time to think just only a blink of an eye, and you'll have to choose either rock, paper, or scissors to respond.

The dog will throw either a bone or a big rock depending on what you chosen. Dog and Cat Battle continues as long as you respond correctly and in time, otherwise the dog may get hurt.

Be careful: Never throw a big rock. It's too heavy.


[Game Play]
- Unstoppable Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle Game
- Challenge increases instantly. Stay focus and Never let your guard down.
- Cute little angry Cat and the under dog
- You can be a dog throwing a bone to the angry cat
- Play as many as you want

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by Ake Apps